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About Kyrish C.P.A Inc.

Kyrish C.P.A. Inc. provides large number of services for Non-Profits, Homeowner Associations and Individuals. We provide personalized quality service to our clients.

Over the years we have specialized in Individuals, Homeowner Associations, Non-Profits, and Business accounting needs.

About the Owner

Sunita Jagasia started her public accounting career in 1995 with a multinational public accounting firm in India. After relocating to bay area in 2002, Sunita obtained her Certified Public Accountant license in California in 2004. She has obtained Masters in Commerce, Business Administration from University of Pune, India.

Over the years Sunita has specialized in Non-Profit audits, reviews, planning, preparation of Form 990, accounting and tax services for Homeowner Associations, Individuals and Small Business. She has gathered knowledge and experience by working with various partnerships and individual firms in the bay area.

She has experience with India and US taxation, and has extensively worked with foreign citizens. Her experiences has provided her with extensive knowledge in international taxation.

Sunita is a good active listener that gives her a unique edge and ability to better understand her clients financial needs. She provides her clients with strategic planning to meet their financial goals. She works closely with her clients to give them quality service be it planning for their retirement, minimizing tax liabilities at a price that fits their budget. She has good problem-solving skills and is able to provide her clients with better financial ideas. In the changing business environment and world she is determined to stay with her principles and honesty.

Kyrish C.P.A. Inc. is inspired by her adorable kids Kimaya and Krish.

Sunita is a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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