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Non-Profit Organizations

Today’s non-profit organizations face complex reporting requirements, rigorous grant applications and specialized tax laws that can make operating a non-profit extremely challenging.

We come to you with an understanding of how non-profits operate, your funding issues, reporting requirements and ways to improve your operations. We have experience with charitable organizations, religious organizations and private schools. Our intent is to bring significant added and unexpected value to every client relationship.

Services Offered

Prepare and File Taxes

Any organization recognized as exempt from federal income tax must file an annual information return and any required schedules if it has annual gross receipts (not net receipts) greater than $25,000. Tax return forms used for non-profit.

  • Federal Tax Return Forms
    Form 990
    Form 990-EZ (may be used by organizations with gross receipts of less than $100,000 and total assets of less than $250,000)
    Form 990-PF (used for Private Foundations)

  • California State Tax Return Form
    Form 199 - for organizations that have been granted tax exempt status and whose gross receipts exceeds $25,000
    CA Form RRF-1

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