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Welcome to Kyrish C.P.A. Inc.

Kyrish C.P.A. Inc. is a fully dedicated tax and accounting practice owned by Sunita Jagasia CPA.
2020 year end tax tips.

At Kyrish C.P.A. Inc. we believe in

Good Corporate Citizenship

We believe that our company has an obligation to give back because it is the right thing to do. We provide free consultation & educational seminars for non-profit organizations and individuals. Our services are cost effective and add value for our clients with year-round consultation at no extra charge. This helps our clients to concentrate on their business and personal needs. No more watching the clock ticking away and thinking about your money going out the window.

Educating Our Clients

We believe information is knowledge. We go the extra mile to educate our clients, about their financial situation helping them make informed decisions. We provide personalized services that work towards our clients' interests. Simplifying technical jargons is key to your success.

Client Interest Is Our Top Priority

We believe that our client's interest is of foremost importance to our company. We periodically publish videos to educate our clients. Our videos are focused on tax and financial planning, as some folks may not be aware that tax planning needs to be implemented before year-end. The most productive way to save taxes is to plan and avail tax saving opportunities, credits and rebates. We welcome feedbacks to improve and make our communication more effective.

Services Offered

Give us an opportunity to serve and simplify your financial needs. Our financial services provide value to our clients. Our goal is to deliver personalized and quality service to all our clients.

We encourage you to bookmark our website and use it as a regular source of financial information for you and your business. Take advantage of our free tools and resources.

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